About Us

The Parasol Dermaceuticals Store was created to empower patients and consumers with options for quality, affordable, and unique; specialty, licensed, and OTC (over-the-counter) Dermatology medications and solutions.

​With an ever-changing health insurance environment, prescription medication claims are often denied. This transfers responsibility of hefty charges, often hundreds of dollars, to YOU, as an out-of-pocket expense. Insurance rationale for denials will range from a medication being considered cosmetic, non-formulary (due to expense of medication), or the fact that an OTC version exists (albeit, less in concentration).

Nonetheless, upon arriving at a local drugstore you will soon realize these suggested alternatives are difficult to find and the options available are of poor quality with low expected effectiveness.

The Parasol Dermaceuticals Store bridges this gap for affordability, effective products, and easy online accessibility. We resource the highest concentration products allowed for OTC, with ingredients that are often the same or similar to RX versions. Many of our products are not on store shelves and can only be purchased from a licensed retailer. We also aim to offer the cutting-edge technology in our cosmetic profile of anti-aging products.

Consistent with the wholistic nature of our company ideals, Parasol Dermaceuticals provides a comprehensive educational blog. This written dermatology series explores how to recognize different skin, hair, or nail conditions. It also emphasizes why certain ingredients should be used and what treatments or products have research-proven, effective components.

From thought to action, we want to ensure that all people have access to the best products to create a healthy, youthful, and beautiful you.

​“Not Just A Beauty Company.”

- Scientific Beauty and Healing Solutions for Skin, Hair, and Nails-