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Become an at-home Dr. Pimple Popper!
Get rid of pesky blackheads, whiteheads, and oozy papules with professional like tools.
Decrease risk of irritation, damage, and infection by using proper tools instead of bacteria covered fingernails to squeeze or scratch out your pimples.

Directions for Use:

Wipe tools down with alcohol or Iodine before and after every use (do not share tools with others as you risk blood born infections/viruses).
Select the right size comedone extractor to fit around the pimple you desire to pop. If the pimple looks closed, give it a small puncture in center with the puncture tool.
Use the chosen comedone extractor by placing it over the pimple and applying firm pressure until the white contents are expelled.
Keep extracted area clean with a gentle cleanser (like Navan Gentle Cleanser) and band-aid with polysporin if open/bleeding/oozing.
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