The Right Regimen for Your Skin Type

The Right Regimen for Your Skin Type

The right routine for you is all about knowing your skin type, target concerns, and choosing items that will weed and feed your dermal foundation!

The easiest way to structure a daily routine, is through categorizing your type and choosing products that agree with such. Then you need to stick with a routine and actually give it time to kick in! It typically takes 6 weeks to see mild-moderate improvement of your surface.

In general, your routine should consist of cleansing your face twice a day, morning and evening, to remove dirt, oil, bacteria, and unclog pores. The best cleanser for you is dependent on your skin type, as referenced below. After cleansing, remember to apply your skincare products from thinnest to thickest and if you have any topical skin prescriptions, apply those first and layer. A sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher should be applied daily after your skincare regimen, but before make-up is applied.

Skin Type

Although this most commonly refers to skin color and likelihood to burn (Fitzpatrick Type), in this instance we are referring to each individuals normal skin habitus, i.e. The Five Skin Types: Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination, Sensitive (refer to chart above).


This skin type could be considered not too dry, not too oily, and not super sensitive. However, it still needs the barrier care necessitated by all humans exposed to the environment.

A cleanser like Cerave Hydrating Cleanser and our soon to be launched Parasol Silky Facial Wash (the smell and smooth texture is Amazing!!), should be used in the morning and evening to cleanse dirt and oil from the skin. A once a week refining mask, like the charcoal and kaolin clay rich Parasol Pore Perfecting Mask, is also a great bi-weekly routine to cleanse the pores and reduce their appearance.

All skin types need daily protection from UV rays, which can be accomplished while hydrating the skin. Our Parasol SPF Protect & Repair Facial moisturizer, is a light weight humectant that easily absorbs, without the white coating or typical smell of sunscreen.

Every skin type will also require preventative measures to battle the wear and tear experienced with aging. A nightly retinol, morning antioxidant and sunscreen, should be a part of all skin type regimens. However, it is the concentration, application frequency, or sometimes even the ingredients that need to be adjusted/considered per skin type. See the Anti-Aging Category below.


Naturally dry skin is more typical with aging, those who have eczema, or a genetic propensity for dryness. When the skin is not producing enough natural oil to hydrate it, then it must be replaced with synthetic humectants. Otherwise the skin is at risk for itching, irritation, onset of eczema rashes, discoloration, and flaking.

Parasol Dermaceuticals carries products with varying degrees of moisturizing power. Parasol Protect & Repair will provide SPF with a mild lotion, as well as Cerave AM, for morning moisturization over anti-aging products for the face. If an extra boost of moisture is still needed over SPF, Hyaluronic Acid is a well-tolerated option that can hold 1,000 x its weight in water. The Parasol Dewy You Hyaluronic Serum, is a great light-weight humectant than can be placed under sunscreen in the am and before anti-aging products in the pm. Cerave PM is also a great night-time option, that has soothing niacinamide for problematic skin conditions like acne.

For moderate to severe dryness, Tricalm Cream, is a great whole-body barrier option with skin repairing ceramides. While Vaniply Ointment is the Big Kahuna of thick, skin-protecting and hydrating cream, for body dryness.

Of course, your skincare routine should still include a twice daily facial cleansing; and our Parasol Silky Facial Wash, is perfect for all skin types, while Free & Clear Gentle Cleanser is great for all over body wash.


Naturally oily skin provides its own moisturizer, thus, synthetic ones are not needed. In the case of spot dryness on the face, lightweight lotions can be applied to target areas. For cleansing, it is helpful to have a product like Cetaphil Oil Control Wash, to minimize the sheen. Other washes with Hydroxy Acids will aid in drying oiliness, while illuminating the skin. Find the power of these ingredients in Parasol Glycoilluminating Cleanser.

Moreover, oily skin can typically handle higher concentrations and more frequent applications of anti-aging products, which in turn, may help to decrease the greasiness.


For combination skin you should refer to the Dry and Oily skin tips above. Your skin care routine should focus on using Oily prone skin products on those areas and Dry skin products on the areas needing moisture. For instance, the T-Zone on the face may present sheen, while the cheeks are dry, so cater to the needs that you see!


For those who have sensitive or dry skin (usually highlighted by flushing or flaky appearance) finding a tolerable skincare routine can be challenging. Most of the products on Parasol Dermaceuticals are dermatologist approved and we have many for sensitive skin sufferers of eczema, rosacea, allergies, and so forth. The Cerave line, free of fragrance and color, is great for such people. For the super-sensitive, Vanicream and Free & Clear line, is stripped of allergen prone components, while providing quality skincare.

Target Conditions (Weeding)


Due to the process of acne in itself, having oily or at least combination skin is more common in acne such individuals. For those people, luckily, most acne products are drying (and may also cause irritation, peeling, and redness), so they can actually decrease oiliness. Oily skin may be hardier and tolerate initial daily use of products easier.

Washes and moisturizers used while on acne treatments, should be gentle. It is advisable to wash grime off face morning and night and maybe once extra during the day if active in sports. If using an acne wash, alternate with a mild cleanser for the other scheduled skin cleanings to reduce dryness/irritation, until skin is more tolerant. Avoid scrubs and beads that may be harsh for already irritated skin. Use of brands like Cerave and soon to launch Parasol Clean-Zit Wash, make great facial cleansers.

For irritation/dryness caused by acne leave-on products, use of a non-comedogenic moisturizer can be used, preferably for sensitive skin, like Cerave PM, or Parasol Itty Zapper Moisturizer. These can even be used over acne products, once skin is dry. Moisturizer can be applied once or twice a day depending on need.

Nourishing and Anti-Aging (Feeding)

All skin types deserve a weed and feed system to root out problems, repair, and protect your outer barrier. A good rule of thumb for daily routines are 1. Morning: Gentle wash like Parasol Silky Facial Wash, followed by application of an Antioxidant like Parasol Vitamin C U Later Sun Damage Serum with SPF Protect & Repair Overtop 2. Parasol Wrinkle Crushing Retinol applied to a freshly cleansed face at night, followed by accessory products for problematic skin. Accessory products may include Parasol Buh-Bye Dark Spot Cream, to rid of pigment, Peptide Illuminating Eye Serum, anti-rosacea creams like Rezamid, or more.

Anything that could make your skin sun-sensitive (like retinol) should be applied at night, so it may wear off during sleep.

Sensitive skin clients may have to apply irritating products with less frequency than directed (like every other night, or every third and work up slowly) to help the skin get use to the product. Dewy You Hyaluronic Serum or Cerave PM are great products to place over the anti-aging product to help with irritation and dryness.


With the right regimen for your skin type, you can welcome a more beautiful, healthy, youthful you.

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