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Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women. Regenepure Precision 5% Minoxidil Spray for Women contains the only clinically-proven and FDA approved topical ingredient to treat hair loss and regrow hair in women. The breakthrough precision mist applicator includes a pivoting nozzle that delivers the 5% minoxidil solution directly into the scalp in the hair loss area.

Most-effective and FDA approved ingredient to regrow hair in women
Clinically proven to regrow hair in just 12 weeks
Clinical studies show that 5% topical Minoxidil is significantly more effective in both retaining and regrowing hair than the 2% topical Minoxidil
Helps reactivate shrunken or dormant hair follicles
Breakthrough swivel nozzle with fine mist applicator delivers the 5% Minoxidil solution directly into the scalp in the hair loss area
Clean and targeted application with little to no mess
Flawlessly fits into your beauty routine with its easy once a day application
Convenient travel size packaging lets you travel with it so you do not miss a dose.

Directions for Use:

Apply to scalp daily.


Minoxidil- This drug, initially used to treat high blood pressure, is an anti-hypertensive vasodilator medication. After the discovery of its hair growing side effects, it has been used as a treatment to stop hair loss and promote hair growth. Minoxidil 5% is an FDA-approved treatment for hair loss in men that works by blocking the effects of DHT, the hormone responsible for follicle miniaturization in men with androgenic alopecia.

Regenepure® Precision 5% Minoxidil Spray Ingredients:
Active Ingredients: Minoxidil 5% w/v
Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol 50% v/v, propylene glycol 30% v/v, purified water.