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The Parasol Parcels Pretty Pout Kit contains all you need for smooth and supple lips!

1-Plump-It-Up Lip Enhancer Gloss, 1 Plump & Repair Lip Mask Trial, 1 set of Parasol Strawberry Lip Soak and Lip Scrub.


Parasol Parcels Lip Soak & Lip Scrub

One jar ~18 gram Strawberry Scrub

One jar ~ 15 gram Strawberry Lip Soak

This lip smoothing duo, steeps your pout in the antioxidant powers of Grapeseed extract and strawberry. With its fruity bursting aroma, your lips are revived in a fruit smoothie oasis. Discover the softest lips you’ve ever felt!


Day: Apply Lip Soak to lips several times a day for softening and repair.

Night: Apply Lip Scrub to lips and rub across in circular motion. Let sit for 1 minute. Wipe off excess with damp towel. Then apply layer of Lip Soak for an overnight repair.


Lip Scrub Ingredients: Organic Sugar, grapeseed oil, strawberry Extract, vanilla wxtract, & red colorant.

Lip Soak: Petrolatum base, beeswax, strawberry extract, grapeseed oil, sucrose, & red colorant.