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Vitiligo is a non-curable skin disease, but is can be improved or camoflauged. Chromolin is a waterproof skin dye used to darken light or unpigmented areas of skin affected by vitiligo, scars or other causes. Active ingredient is dihydroxyacetone skin dye.

Questions and Answers about Chromelin Complexion Blender

Q. Chromelin is a clear liquid. It does not dye the skin immediately. How long does it take to work?

A. The first application of Chromelin takes about six hours to develop color. Once some color is present, additional applications should take about two hours to develop color. We recommend you do the first application at bedtime, to an area that is not exposed, to see how the color develops.

Q. How long will the color last?

A. As long as it takes the skin on the treated areas to shed. This is usually 3 to 10 days, depending on how much you scrub or clean the affected area. Light washing or swimming will not affect the color.

Q. How do I maintain the color?

A. Once the desired color is obtained, one application of Chromelin daily or every other day is usually all that is needed to maintain the color.

Q. How dark will the color become?

A. The more times you apply Chromelin per day, the darker the color will become. You should allow Chromelin to dry at least one hour before reapplying.

Q. Will I get an exact match to my normal skin tone?

A. The color developed by Chromelin varies from person to person. Some people develop a color that is an excellent match, others prefer also using concealing, covering cosmetics that can be adjusted more exactly.

Q. If there are products that can cover and more exactly match one’s skin tone, why does anyone use Chromelin?

A. The color produced by Chromelin is WATERPROOF. The covering cosmetics can rub off on clothing or anything coming in contact with covered areas. People often use Chromelin on their hands and other areas where they need waterproof color that will not rub off. Even when Chromelin is not a perfect match, most people prefer this color to the very noticeable, striking white color of skin lacking pigmentation.

Q. Can I use Chromelin under other covering cosmetics?

A. Definitely. Many people use Chromelin as a waterproof base of color before applying covering cosmetics. Some patients report they can use less of the covering cosmetics when applying them to skin colored with Chromelin.

Q. Will Chromelin protect me from the sun?

A. NO! IMPORTANT: Chromelin does not protect skin from the damaging rays of the sun. Be sure to apply sunscreen to all areas treated with Chromelin.

Q. Is Chromelin safe to use and can children use it?

A. The active ingredient in Chromelin, dihydroxyacetone, is a safe, FDA-accepted ingredient. Chromelin can be used on children, however, be sure to read and follow the safety precautions on the bottle before use. Chromelin should always be applied by an adult or with adult supervision.

Tips for Applying Chromelin Complexion Blender

Use the rod applicator to apply a few drops to areas without pigment. Use the applicator to evenly spread Chromelin over the affected areas.

Allow Chromelin to dry completely. Do not wash treated area for at least 3 hours after application. In fact, we recommend you apply Chromelin before bed to ensure you allow enough time between bathing for the color to develop.

Remember that it takes up to 6 hours for the color to develop, so be patient. Chromelin color and shade varies from person to person, so it may take some practice to get it to work just right for you. To achieve a darker color, repeat application instructions once or twice in 24 hours; more often if darker color is desired.

Chromelin will also darken pigmented skin. To prevent darkening of skin surrounding treated areas, take a damp tissue and gently wipe off any Chromelin that has overlapped onto normally pigmented skin.


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